Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Zoosk Worth It?


For months we have seen a growing a trend of different sites growing on the Internet all giving us hopes and promises of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Some of you are looking for your prince to come riding in on his white horse. Guys, some of you are still looking for your white horse. Horses, the pasture is still greener on the other side of the fence. The point is, it's never good enough and that is because pictures, texts, emails, IM's, and Skyping can only go so far. There comes a point to where you need to step offline and to take a chance.

Zoosk has raised Millions of dollars to make things nicer for us here, or have they?

Please share with us what your experience has been on Zoosk as opposed to other dating sites. Please also tell us your best and worst experience with online dating in general so that we can all learn from your experience here...


Lance G.
Zoosk Stories TM

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